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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. Thanks for that,when i was last there in Feb i was told the 30% off the 1 bedroom was good even with holidays.Lots of golf groups there so i guess things have changed. Stayed at the Marriott in May,no complaints but expensive and i like the Diana area. Let us know what you find,I'll book my hotel after my Air is settled. Bill/Back for my first Loy Krathong.
  2. Yea,nice hotel and location.They offer a 30% discount to repeat customers but Im sure if you email/ask you'll come up with a discount. If that fails Pm me and i'll give you a specific person to contact. Im not back until Loy Krathong/Bill
  3. I know for Vets the disability fight is a difficult one. But if you were self employed,or just don't have medical insurance the VA can be of great benefit. Contact them when you are in the states,could be of value to you later on,/Bill
  4. Several Sailors on the board,some charter but have not met any liveaboards there. Search Yachtworld for listings. Are you in Thailand?/Bill
  5. Spent a few evenings at the Garden last week,good food,good drink prices,great view. My first taste of Som Tom. I love spicy food. One night were heading out to dinner there, Teelack says she forgot her room key. i told her dont she didnt need it.Were just going to the Beer Garden. You drink,you look lady,you not leave me in street. I reminded her its my room. No you take short time room. Anyway, a nice alternative in Pattaya.
  6. Or worse,she calls and hears the music of Soi8 in the background and realizes you landed a day early. No already to many people screaming intom them while waiting ti board,wouldnt want that to continue for 17 = hours.
  7. Damn,arriving the same time on the 8th
  8. The rules suggest that beer may be available on the course. I may be back from Hua Hin to join the 12 May outing. Couple of questions, not at all aware of the directions,point me to a map or orientation from Big C ,Nakula or WS. Im not dragging my clubs half way around the world since the airfare would be more than there worth. Rentals? Also,Teelack will not buy the Playing golf thing again,would she be welcomed to come along. Bill.
  9. Im just a poor tomato farmer from Maryland,live on a boat. But for the newbs,try pl4 pattaya taxi.I have had good results. Mr Toom was fine but i had concerns with the condition of the cab my last booking with him.
  10. Been back and forth on this question myself.Had uneven service from the pre arranged fellows and was set to get the Public taxi.Then a BM posted that his driver was not familiar with Pattaya and drove around fo 45' until the BM got his bearings and directed him. For me,plane lands BKK 11:40pm,carry on only,Baht for taxi and my first night in hand. I am wired to get to Patts as fast as i can.Used pre arrange- Pattaya 4 leisure,good results. Btw made in from to the plane to arrivals hall in less than 5' in feb. I also miss Jan.Anyone hear from her?
  11. Just to clarify,Danny at the Renaissance took a 30% deposit on my cc.I requested that he delete my cc info as well as the 3 digit number,he replied that this was done. I'll let you know how it goes but i'm sure looking forward to my return on Valentines day. Called my love of the last trip at Heavens Above to hook up ,but since she doesn't understand english and the only thing i can say is sip see pah pan,Im fucked. Guess i'll see you guys at the FLB./Bill
  12. Bigten,Can't help now but I'm booked at the Renaissance starting next weekend, I'lll post a report or PM me/Bill
  13. I travel from the east coast USA to stay only 8 nights.So i find the best place i can. Lk Renaissance in 2 weeks, Sabai Resort looks good for May .The Marriott for Loy Krathong. When i retire and can spend months the way you bastards from europe can,i'll post looking for cheaper accomidations. Hey Sailfast,only 2 more months until the sail ties come off./Bill
  14. I stayed in Oct and will be back in Feb. The hotel is well kept, friendly staff. Rooms are small but the location is the key for me. The jacuzzi suite is near the entrance so not so quiet in the morning. Request a room at the end of the hall if not staying in the suite. It would be good to hear from someone who stayed at the other WS hotels as as well as here for a good comparison.
  15. Simple,from a newb to a newb who are the only one's reading this post. When you go down to the pool your first morning you will meet fellows like Mi Papa and Manracer and those who follow.They will take the time to show you the ropes. When you take your first your first love to dinner,no better place than by that pool. Ignore the location,pay 100 thb taxi home.I will not be staying at Rg for my next trip and am seeking advise from those with more expierience on where to stay.But staying there my first trip is why i'm back for my third./Bill.
  16. Excellent service my last trip in Oct. Nice to relax and not feel like your in a Formula one car. Harvey's comments were dead on.I only use carry on and had to blow of the touts to locate the driver several doors away. Will email Mr Toom for my Feb.trip.
  17. Became friends with a Swedish time building flight instructor in the 70's out of BWI. We had been Bs'ing on the taxi out,turned on to the active and saw a heavy going around from the reciprical. Had a brief argument with atc over their botched instructions until they invited us to the tower to review the tape. They allowed us to decline and we left quietly.
  18. I had planned Thai Air for Feb but was able to book Emergency exit seats on both overseas legs. Nippon out of Dulles 1,000 us. Agree if you can grab exit seats its like a upgrade to business.The Kirin is the same in both cabins.
  19. Like Hailrloss, Im looking at staying closer to the action. Seems you can't get any closer than this at least on Walking Street. Any opinions? Thanks/Bill
  20. Hey Paul, Im confirmed with United arriving march 16 11;40 pm leave march 21 0640 am Let me know if you can help me out,i'll email complete details. Thanks/Bill
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