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  1. That’s a great price. Never seen that route so cheap. AA does not fly into BKK so must be a Japanese carrier from Japan. JAL is a good airline. My preferred airline when I would fly to BKK as they depart directly from San Diego. I didn’t see the layover time.
  2. Good point. I had mine set up and activated when I opened my account. Not sure if you need to go to your original branch when you set up your account. TIT. I really like this feature.
  3. I also have a Kasikorn account with the mobile app on my smartphone. The careless feature is great imo. Uses scan technology. No need to carry a card and worry about losing it, leaving in the ATM, phishing etc.
  4. Agree with the above post. It doesn’t bother me. It usually isn’t that much and doesn’t happen that often. I’ve made more money than most Thais (most westerners have) so can afford it. Their country, their rules. Get with the program or leave.
  5. It does take a special breed to be in the bars day after day. I couldn’t do it myself, but nothing against those who do. It also appears to be not very secure career wise. Changing bars every few years (or more often). No real job security, pension, 401k or equivalent. Pretty much a day to day, hand to mouth existence. Then they wake up one day, older, no longer marketable and little if any money saved. Living the dream.
  6. Agree with the above post and many older units have larger balconies. The key is to find one that’s been updated.
  7. I have come across a good deal on an auto purchase from a local Pattaya Thai. I have my Thai drivers license, residence certificate and retirement visa. They have the paperwork for the vehicle. I’m curious if there’s a link for the buying procedure. My first auto purchase in Pattaya. Or is there any third party agencies to bring all requirements and have them complete the transfer and ensure everything in accordance to Thai law. I’ll pay the fee to avoid dealing with DLT office. Thanks
  8. Ive never had to lie on my income verification. I have supporting documents to prove ready to show. Sounds like a good idea to me. Keep out some of the riff raff that should not be here anyway.
  9. I'm into nonfiction. Mostly military history, U.S. Civil War, Philippine Insurrection, China, WW2 (Pacific).
  10. Google "St Brendan Isle mail forwarding". I don't need their service yet but when and if I do they would be my first choice. They are based out of Florida and work alot with full time RV people, yachtsman, merchant mariners etc. They also have the physical address you want and can use them as your state domicile.
  11. Not a problem if you file and pay your taxes like the majority of Americans do. While I don't like paying taxes as much as the next guy I do it anyway to avoid issues like the OP posted.
  12. To add to this, last week I was there for a seven-day extension on my 30 day visa on arrival. I use the private office next door for my photo and to fill out the forms. The immigration lady gave me 30 days versus the seven days I had requested. That was 30 days from when my original 30 day ended. The price was still 1900 baht. I must be hansum man.
  13. Hello All, First of all I did use the search engine on forums but got nothing directly related to the title. I have several Tommy Bahama silk shirt here that look like crap when they come back from the regular laundry shops even when "pressed". I looking for a professional dry cleaners like I use back in Cali where they come back looking great. Anyone know of any good dry cleaners in Central Pattaya? Thanks
  14. May I suggest 1. Helmut For My Pillow by Robert Leckie 2. With The Old Breed/Pelilu/Okinawa by Eugene Sledge 3. Red Blood Black Sand. These are WWII books written by the Marines who experienced the battles. HBO series THE PACIFIC was based on these.
  15. Excellent picture report. I commend you on a job well done. Have you ever thought of doing reports like this on different sois around Suk? I know it takes quite a bit of time and effort. Just want you to know it is appreciated.
  16. Do the drivers charge more for a small hand carried suitcase or other types of luggage? How about a few grocerie bags?
  17. Some hotties in there. Where is CATZ located? I'll check it out on my next trip in March.
  18. thirty days. my first post and my first trip back to LOS since 99. can't wait.
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