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  1. I'm in town.   Care to meet tomorrow (24th) for a few drinks?

  2. Does the pool need to be private enough to skinny dip? Also, what is the minimum size pool is needed?
  3. Where's Fonzi? From my hotel I could see the American flag flying in the wind but was unable to locate it on the ground.
  4. I found grapes imported from the US for sale in Terminal 21 at a price of about $5/lb.
  5. HH is nice, I have stayed there and they serve a great breakfast, but I found it to be just too far from everything. It is very viable if you are bringing sand to the beach. torrenova, can I ask the question, why is a pool important to you in Pattaya? I go further south when I"m looking for sun and water.
  6. Sounds like they don't trust embassy staff to handle cash.
  7. Not true. In the US it allows us to maintain the manpower to fight wild fires. With the recent increase in wild fires, we may have to increase the number of people we incarcerate to fight them.
  8. The operator is probably putting a little fuel in their motobike and not paying for it. Do they pump the gas for you when they do this?
  9. You are responsible to the hotel for what your guest does in the hotel, not the other way around.
  10. There is a certain amount of skill to getting tile laid straight and even. Get someone that is all they do.
  11. Isn't it about time for the "show of force" prior to the start of busy season?
  12. I have been very happy with my Sony SRS-D21 powered speaker system. https://www.cnet.com/products/sony-srs-d21-speaker-system-for-pc-wired-series/specs/
  13. Narita to BKK. Two babys in economy crying their lungs out the entire 7 hour flight. The extended long screaming actually made me physically sick.
  14. I'm still looking for it. I'm thinking I might have buried it with the acorns.
  15. OMG, I just remembered that I have my last hernia surgery on video tape. I will try to find it and figure out how to convert it.
  16. short


    I don't know why anyone would give me a -1 for this unless they are a tampon salesman.
  17. This is no big deal now with keyhole surgery. It was a big deal 20 years ago. If you can push one of your bulls up into your stomach then it needs to be fixed. Don't worry, you will be able to push it right back down. And just think of all those cute Thai nurses doting over you.
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