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  1. Well, finally finished this on Monday. Over 5 months on one book series. NEVER EVER BEFORE have I spent anything like as long on one series. Worth it though, it was a good, satisfying, read. But I am glad it's finished. Reading some frivolous urban fantasy now to cleanse my palate.
  2. Just a suggestion while you're refreshing the board Frosty, how about some new smilies?
  3. The heavy rains at this time of year are spectacular to watch - as long as you watch from a nice, dry bar, Coming from a country where it tends to drizzle on for days, I do enjoy the rain here, unless I have to be somewhere, it's a right bugger then.
  4. Agree with Bushcraft, it was fun, not a place I normally go, which is part of the attraction.
  5. Just to add to this. Songkran trips; BKK - Heathrow, Thai Air 777 Heathrow - Glasgow - BA A320-232 (I think), business class though (I had miles I could use) Glasgow - Dubai, Emirates 777 Dubai - BKK, Emirates A380. And the winner is! Emirates 777. Easily the most comfortable, with the most legroom. I expected the A380 to win, but poorer legroom - had 3 seats to myself though, which was nice. Thai Air 777 - tired plane interior, everything just needed refreshed, OK for comfort though. The loser, BA, even business class had very poor legroom. All airside staff were great, ground staff too. EXCEPT. Emirates Glasgow check-in. Combined all the worst aspects of Arab & Scots personalities (I'm a Scot BTW). Oh, and at Glasgow, my carry-on was too heavy (no checked bag, so unable to move things. Was 10.1Kg, they gave me a small bag to move some stuff into, did that, tried again, different desk, small bag 1.7Kg, not enough moved, OK, I'll just try the main bag before repacking again; 7.0Kg. WTF. At one desk 10.1, at another, a combined 8.7. Someone needs their scales checking!.
  6. If you can't find bits on English language sites, how about having your missus search the Thai sites?
  7. If whatever attracted it in the-first place is still there, why wouldn't it happen again? OK, so there has to be a storm, but there has to be a reason for 2 strikes in more or less the same place.
  8. Here's a question - are we going to keep calling these FLB Crawls or something new? Suggestons on a postcard...... :)
  9. I was flashing back to Ming the Merciless.
  10. Adblock. I tried many suggestions to stop that delay. None worked. Then I started using MS Edge because of a Gmail issue (that later cured itself) and lo & behold, no Adblock issues with ThaiVisa on Edge. So Edges wins for me, though it can be a resource hog if you've got a lot of tabs open.
  11. Yes, my "return" flight to the UK on Emirates in September has had 3 schedule changes already. Currently has an 8 hour wait in Dubai. I'm not particularly bothered as I'm planning to change the date to NEXT Songkran; Glasgow - Bangkok return is cheaper than Bangkok - Glasgow, even with paying to change the return date.
  12. I was looking forward to a Thai A380 for my songkran escape/go see Mum trip to the UK, but they've taken it out of service for maintenance 1-19 April, so it's a 777 now. To be fair, they did offer to re-book to another A380 12 hours earlier, but I've got a connecting flight booked. It'll be 100% full & cramped I expect.
  13. Agreed, have seen & enjoyed both too. Before Tomb Raider, I downloaded the 2 originals so that my TG knew the score (neither on Netflix, there's a surprise!). BP, I downloaded after the cinema as I wanted to see it again but didn't want to pay twice.
  14. What I don't get is the overnight bit. I'd want to sit & look out the window.
  15. Big_Brian

    New Baht

    20, 50, 100 out on 6 April. 500, 1000 on 28 July (new Kings birthday).
  16. You see Lamb Shank on offer in a lot of restaurants. Never seen a lamb here. Just saying............................
  17. It could use being stricter, when I got my tenp 2 years back, an old falang had trouble with the colour test. The tester asked if he couldn't see the colours, he said that was no problem, but he couldn't see the pointer! So she used her hand instead and he passed. Couldn't see a 1/2" stick from 8' away, but passed the eyesight test - appeared that her job was the colour test, so that was what she did, and all she did. There was a normal eye chart on the wall too, but no hint of using it. If his sight was that bad (he was wearing glasses btw) then he shouldn't be on the road. Never mind that he was shaking the whole time too, looked like Parkinsons or similar.
  18. Thanks for this Frosty. Like many I would miss this forum, it was only the second one I joined - after the long-defunct Yellowboard - and is still the main one for me. I wish I could enter fully into this discussion, but a lot of it is just acronyms to me - my computer knowledge is firmly at the user stage. Sponsors sounds like the way to go though, if forthcoming. I can see how non-competing businesses like (say) PBG, Le Pub & Pandoras - whose business models don't really overlap - could benefit from a banner add + a regular forum meet. Especially the meet, some of us can drink!
  19. A lot depends on how long you're coming for. If it's only a week or two, you don't want to miss that first night, so you'd want to land mid-afternoon at the latest. If it's a month or longer, one night doesn't really matter, just sleep and go for it the next day..
  20. I don't approve of gun ownership in the main, but I want one of those guns. Some bugger across from my condo directing traffic at a hotel blows his damn whistle all bloody day. I haven't fired (or touched even) a firearm for nearly 40 years, but I'm fairly sure I could nail him from here.
  21. Retox has outdoors tables now for the smokers (well, re-purposed cable rolls with seats anyway) .
  22. If you do want to meet Adam at Cherry Bar (recommended), go after 23:00, he's nocturnal - some think he's possibly a vampire. (sorry Adam, you know I love you really) Cherry Bar; https://www.google.co.th/maps/place/Cherry+Bar/@12.9304253,100.8803409,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x3102960efad30823:0x6d66b489f8081949!8m2!3d12.9304201!4d100.882535?hl=en
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