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  1. You may want to look at booking the UK-Amsterdam legs separately from the Amsterdam-Bangkok legs. OK, going through immigration/customs in Amsterdam then checking in again would be a pain, but there could be significant savings on the extortionate UK taxes.
  2. Isn't Walking Street of an evening just about the only place in town where it doesn't MATTER if the pavements are blocked, there's no traffic so the road is safe. Do this on the busy streets instead of the high-profile one and I'll be more impressed.
  3. What's the gestation period for an alien/human hybrid anyway......................
  4. Last time I took the sky train at Nana, I seem to remember an escalator.
  5. Used it once last trip - by accident really, I was aiming at the English place next door but missed. So, once I was sitting, I ordered anyway. Can't remember what, but it was one of the best Indian meals I've had. Definitely recommended.
  6. Well done Adam, and congratulations to his liver.
  7. I always add an hour to that, better to be bored to tears at the airport than chewing fingernails in a taxi as your check-in time approaches.
  8. In the air travel section you've put that you're flying out of LOS on June 11. Going to miss your own party?
  9. 6 months ago there was one beside the Booze Lounge on Soi Bukhao, he sells out by mid afternoon though.
  10. In Soi Honey Inn it COULD be free wife!
  11. That is a well trained bitch. The dog isn't bad either.
  12. Went to work, came home. Sunday off, then repeat for 6 days, Sunday off.......................... A long 6 months until LOS.
  13. Is it possible to record the output from one of these, or do you have to watch everything live? Thanks
  14. It was nice to see well behaved fans, cheering good shots from either side. That's in the spirit of golf. Hopefully the US fans will take note for next time, I'm not holding my breath though. I just wish they could catch that loonie who, in an American accent, keeps shouting "get in the hole" on 400 yard plus par 4s.
  15. Why not, I looked in there a week back and it seems like they've got some of the same staff!
  16. 9 years, several incarnations and still going strong. You must be doing something right! Well done.
  17. OK, enough about the food. Did no one else pick up on "I had five Thai girls with me Friday night"? Expound Evil, expound.
  18. That seems to prove that they aren't targeting genuine tourists, but those on tourist visas who aren't actually tourists. Makes sense to me. The more I read, the more I like this Junta. If they can make all that they're doing stick, Thailand will certainly change - though I think they're up against too many vested interests and the basic mindset of Thai's not to "rock the boat" for the changes to last.
  19. That was on the bike pump during my last trip in November Martin.
  20. Does this place only have bar stools, or are there proper tables and chairs?
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