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  1. Interesting, you can tell at a glance that this lot aren't Thai - they're all queueing behind the line.
  2. Big_Brian

    World Cup

    Scotland didn't make it as usual and I've got the USA in my work pool, so I'll root for them.
  3. £555 now, and with an 18 hour layover on the way out.
  4. The hours of curfew seem to be changing day to day. Next week is a long time yet, a bit of unrest and it could be back to full curfew, no trouble and the curfew could be over. Best to check nearer the time IMO.
  5. The law comes before any employers permission.
  6. For a quarter of the purchase price of the bike, they would have to be quite an improvement to be a viable option.
  7. Just to fill in the details, I booked initially directly with Etihad, it was a U class ticket which, if I remember correctly, should have cost £160 each way to change. I changed both dates and one destination (to a more expensive one that added a leg) for £235, simply and with no hassle at all. It was the first time that I've had to change tickets, so I've got nothing to compare it with, I thought I got off lightly and was impressed by their service, so I posted it here.
  8. I've just had a pleasant transaction with Etihad customer service. My brother has decided to get married right in the middle of my next trip (very inconsiderate of him OK, it cost me £235, but there were no arguments at all, just "what do you need" and "this is what I can do for you". A world apart from the last time I contacted an airline's customer service (BA). It's easy to see why some airlines thrive and some go downhill.
  9. There are definitely rules if I'm walking on them. Even in the UK I just stop cycles that do that. Sometimes they aren't happy. Tough.
  10. Does this have to be about BigD? A BM was asking for advice, perhaps for once we could just give it. I do like the Amazon Cafe though.
  11. Your last point; I don't recommend buying a helmet on-line. They come in different sizes, also, different makes have different padding layouts. You need to try it on to get one that fits and is comfortable. A US or UK standard helmet will be safest, but unless it's designed for a tropical market, you'll cook in it. I would also advise gloves - leather fingerless unpadded are fine. As a beginner you WILL come off at some point and your natural instinct will put the heel of your hand down first (if possible). Leather gloves will save you a lot of pain when that happens. Also long trousers - jeans are best - for the same reason. Once you're more experienced you can make your own decisions on these things, but as a beginner you need all the safety equipment that you can get. I would say the same at home, but in Thailand the risk is so much greater - bad roads / lunatic pedestrians / drivers/riders with no real training and macho/rage attitudes when the slightest thing annoys them and no regard whatsoever for the law.
  12. As long as you don't mind the lack of security (that a hotel gives you but a condo doesn't) and are prepared to keep the room tidy yourself, I'd go for the condo.
  13. Ah well, too late now, I bought elsewhere. I do have 7,000 points expiring in April so I'll use them for something and see what happens. Thanks
  14. 40 years? Are Guinness aware?
  15. Look for a money changer with a bank sign. The independents can't or won't touch TCs.
  16. Looks like you rest your nuts on the keys. A good way to lose them in the event of an accident.
  17. Thanks folks, I was looking at getting something from their shop, then I saw that I'd have to pay tax and customs on it. The UK government gets you every time. Bastards.
  18. Hi, I'm a bit confused as to the relationship between Miles and Tiers, perhaps someone could enlighten me. On Etihad I've got a silver guest card, is that dependant on miles or not? I'd like to use some miles, but don't want to lose that silver card. Their website doesn't help. Thanks
  19. The trouble is; it's the only roundabout many of these Thai drivers/riders ever see. They don't know how to deal with it. The normal roundabout etiquette that we all do automatically is virtually unknown there. In Pattaya at least - there may be a lot of roundabouts in other parts of Thailand, I only really know Pattaya.
  20. How do you contact them please? I've used their contact form and emailed as well. No response at all.
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