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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. Encountered that in August for a Thai Air A380. 1 hour 20 min to get through it "it's a big plane sir". Not a fan.
  2. Judging by the lack of coherent information in the bars yesterday, a reliable method of getting up to date official information and rules out to the business community.
  3. Lost an engine, still landed safely. Sounds like a good plane to me.
  4. Spoke to a bar owner last night. A case of 24 Leo has gone up by 40 Baht. He's keeping happy hour prices the same, but putting up by 5 Baht outside then.
  5. I like a coffee, though it's not essential and I'm no coffee snob, instant does for me. Tea though, I'm a committed Tetley man. Brought a bag of 240 over with me and regretting not bringing more. Hoping Tesco here have it - and not those silly one cup bags, pint mugs for me!
  6. If I had the money.............. Renting in the building now and loving it.
  7. The bar isn't actually part of the hotel if it matters. Probably they own the building, but it's a seperate business completely.
  8. Thank you, but no. Firstly, I wouldn't feel safe on the ground. OK when I'm there, but too easily broken into when I'm not. And one of the great pleasures for me is a balcony. I don't expect to be able to afford somewhere with a great view, but I won't be staring at windows, and I will have privacy. Wherever I end up. Appreciate the reply though.
  9. Snowbitch sell snow boards & suchlike, I think that it's just a sticker that some humorous person has added. Doubtless it's ironic.
  10. Thanks, I've stayed there several times, it's top of my list for renting. Those 21 steps up to the lift are a bit of a bugger though.
  11. Hi, If all goes well, I'll be moving to Pattaya in a couple of months. Given the state of the Pound, I'll probably be renting, but in case I see somewhere I want to buy, can anyone recommend a trustworthy solicitor - if that isn't a contradiction in terms. Or a nice, cheap, condo in the Soi Bukhaow area? Thanks
  12. It is taking a rather nasty set of traffic lights out of the picture when you're going down Sukhumvit.
  13. I'll hopefully be out there in a few months, as someone who can't use a motorcycle taxi, these services open up more of Pattaya for accommodation. Daytime is fine, but I absolutely hate the rip-off bahtbusses to get home at night if you're off the routes.
  14. It is unique - apart from all the others like it.
  15. I had notes rejected a couple of years ago, so next time I checked all notes and brought only clean notes, no tears or writing. The cashier carefully checked them over, accepted and changed all of them. Then wrote on the top 1,000 Baht note before handing it over. "Why did you do that, you don't take notes with writing?" "Do" "Why you do but I cannot do?" "Thai money" "Why Thai money OK with writing but English money not OK?" "Thai money" looking perplexed by this time. I left about then. I do bank transfers now, they're easier on the brain.
  16. Fron a Thai Visa email:
  17. LLoyds (UK) to Kasikorn, sent 11/05, got there 16/05, charges £9.50 at the UK end + 320Baht at the Thai end. 50.06Baht/£ before the charges.
  18. It's a straight copy/paste from here; http://www.mypattayacondo.com/guide-choosing-buy-property-pattaya-area/ I'm guessing we'll get the other half soon. Still interesting though.
  19. I am NOT inserting anything important to me in THAT.
  20. Riding a bike in Pattaya, you CAN'T stop because the traffic behind you will cream you.
  21. If your bags are booked through, HMRC would treat that as a single journey & apply the full long distance tax. I've looked into it. Sent from my HTC One max using Tapatalk
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