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  1. I made my first trip about 9 years ago and IMO nothing has changed
  2. I Think Emil is right As I recall Jimmy telling me she had 9 Inches
  3. If the Girls you take walk in like they own the place like mine did then no problem.
  4. Just to be seen with you makes it worth 2000B Easy BB My Boy
  5. Shortonthesides is correct I have used them 5 or 6 times from SFO and they leave on time if you are late you are fucked at least from SFO anyway food is indeed bad but I have no gripes with them but many here do as I am sure you will find out
  6. Dave Yes 2 yamaha 125 cc motors mounted at the rear one driving the left and one driving the right rear tires and very fucking fast !!!
  7. Jambo, Not sure the price but they are VERY VERY FAST !!! I had a cart that had 2 125cc Yamaha motors one driving each rear wheel and I bet I had that thing up to 80 mph and not all out either Great fun and I know it was cheap. Giveum Hell
  8. Great but the real Question is How are the sheets ?
  9. Geeze Mike you would fuck up a wet dream next time I see you I am going to Paddle your Ass and Oh what fun we will have !!
  10. Bullshit Mike you need to keep 2/3 thousand US in your pocket just to keep your pants tight !!
  11. John, Visa and Mastercard and never a problem. Larry...........
  12. Be Sure to Pay with a Credit Card
  13. dtrdwngs, I have been a Redwings fan for ever used to see them play in the old Cobo hall in detroit with my dad 35 years ago. Being from Michigan I as well am a Lions, Tiger , and Piston Fan also .
  14. Soi6 They do but if you contact your CC issuer and let them know you were charged a Service Charge they will remove it and have it charged back to the place that charged it. I have done this 3 times in LOS the only place that got hot was Dynasty Inn in Bangkok They sent me a nasty email I felt so bad about it too :crying . The CC companys require the merchant to agree not to charge a service charge when they accept your CC.
  15. Are you Kidding James ? Roland knows everything about overpaying He had a good teacher......ME
  16. http://forum.myredbook.com/cgi-bin/alink.p...ww.grottino.com
  17. YES Emil and Cathay wants 1001.00 no shit I do not get it But I booked the flight on Air France I will let you know how it goes.
  18. Anyone ever flown this trip on Air France ? At 239.00 US it is 500.00 less than Philippine Air and Thai. Never flown this airline so I can not think of anything that could make this 500.00 worse than Philippine or Thai.
  19. I used the Dynasty hotel in Bangkok my first few trips then when they confirmed my Reservation at 890 Baht and upon check out charged me the current rate 990 Baht because even though I was confirmed at 890 rate went up so solly sir you must pay the new rate Well I got the difference back from CC Company and got a VERY nasty email back from them asking why I requested the refund. Also they charge 50 Baht per extra towel you can buy them for that much.
  20. I was there last year when Cobra gold was in full swing and never had a problem did not even know they were in town some one at a beer bar told me, they won't bother you at all !!!!!!!!!!! As a matter of fact any Americans that happen to see a couple of them at a bar or ago go should coffer up a few bucks and buy them a drink these guys put there life on the line I think we owe um as always My Opinion.
  21. No Problem great unit plays all formats and dual voltage can't beat it with a stick !!
  22. Sorry Party I think you are fucked 40 ways to sunday I think they issue no refunds and you have to read and agree on that when you buy on there web site.
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