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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. A lot of folks from Bangkok relocated for a while due to the flood and there was a run on pet travel crates. The good news is many of those are on the 2nd hand market now. I picked up one at Chatuchak (sp?) weekend market that was probably 4th hand but it was only 1,000 Baht and did the trick. You might also check the local dog rescue places/shelters. They often have them laying around and would probably make you a good deal.
  2. I had a black labrador puppy sent via Thai Airways from Bangkok to Udon Thani for 3,000 Baht in October this year and that price included the wire mesh dog carrier; so airfreight might be within your budget.
  3. Brilliant post. Bumping it by a "green" plus was just not worthy enough.
  4. One thing you can try is take a bog jumper over to Paris. The Thai flight from Paris CDG is a new 777 with IFE. It is also usually empty as they run that flight just to get back to BKK. You can stretch out usually with a row of seats to yourself if you don't like the films and sleep your way to BKK.
  5. Only what he was smoking, snorting, popping, eating, mainlining, or drinking
  6. Ditto about Secrets for the day time. Good food also.
  7. I've found that although sites like Kayak are good at comparing prices they don't always have the best price for an individual airline, and I'm referring to apples-to-apples comparisons, e.g., same flight checked at the same day/time. I will start with Kayak and then if I find a flight on an airline at a time I like I go check the airline website. My experience has been that most of the time Kayak doesn't show the actual airline price at the time. It has paid to go directly to the airline site for me, not all of the time but many times.
  8. Well, to one of the points of the OP's post, different strokes for different folks, the Yanks tend to go Month-Day-Year. So for a Yank, the numeric date of 11/1/2011 is November 01, 2011 whereas for her majesty's subjects it tends to be January 11, 2011. Doesn't mean either side is right or wrong. They just observe different conventions.
  9. Yeah, of course you're right Joe. Sort of like you see Sathorn listed as Sathon a lot.
  10. Chill dude or dudette. You can win the Thai expertise contest. I couldn't care less but your credibility isn't supported by making off the wall unsupported statements such as most of the Africans in the Sukhumvit Soi 3 - 5 area are "mostly Liberians." Then again they are probably all supporters of your General Mosquito - James Taylor. I suppose they all look alike to you but then again you are probably from Alabama. BTW, for someone claiming to be around for 40 years or so you should know it's Toei as in Klong Toei not Toy. You probably need to sharpen your Google research skills a li
  11. I've been in and around the area since the late 70s. It has always been a riskier area with a much different vibe than the other side of across Sukhumvit. Those of us that worked int he Middle East liked to go there occasionally because of that. Back then the disco in the basement of the Grace Hotel was a much livelier place than Angels/Nana's or most other places in Bangkok. Even today it makes for a change of pace to the rest of the Sukhumvit area which like Pattaya is in danger of becoming more of a Disneyland/Las Vegas sort of place with families wandering around. Nothing inherently wrong
  12. LOL, how in the hell do you know "most of them are Liberians?". You are either a troll or trolling for something. Otherwise you have no idea what you are talking about.
  13. Henry Fonda ... The Grapes of Wrath Martin Sheen and Robert Duval ... Apocalypse Now Clint Eastwood ... as Rowdy Yates in Rawhide ... ok it was a TV series but it was still great Leonardo DiCaprio ... The Basketball Diaries Robert DeNiro ... The Deer Hunter ... one of the top movies ever made Jon Voight ... Midnight Cowboy Steve McQueen ... The Great Escape
  14. I like the photo in the base Bangkok Post article where one of the detainees has a "paid" stamp on his hand allowing him to leave the BiB cordon. LOL gotta love Thailand.
  15. It seems to be a general confidence matter because the SET is down about 2% as well.
  16. Classic LOL , Tequila Reef being cited as an example of good food: "I will not return and try the food until I see a significant change in the reports on the food. It has been, shall I say, RANCID for far too long. No need for me to waste money on food I wont eat. I will go to Taquila Reef and get food that I know that I will enjoy." Maybe ... as long as you drink your dinner since it is hard to screw up beer and tequila.
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