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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.

Pictures from around Pattaya

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For those not here in Pattaya, last night there was a storm with torrential rain falling for around one hour.  I expected more damage to the sand on the beach, but other than a few tracks where water flow had eroded the surface, there was no significant damage.  Water had collected in the newly created parking bay areas.
















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I was on Walking Street last week, had a good time.  Doorman wouldn't let me into Pinup at 7:55 so I went over to XS for a beer, when I came back at 8:30 I was lucky to get a table in the back.  The b

A few from Tree Town and surrounds from earlier this evening.  

Sanctuary of Truth.  Admission is 500 baht.  Quite busy this afternoon.  They do try to get visitors to stay in groups (50 in our case).  I managed to get lost from the group and did my own thing taki

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Having seen the asphalt layer and raised drain grates. makes me wonder if the parking area 

is now the new catch basin/mosquito farm or foot wash for returning island visitors before boarding buses.

see if they finish before destroying it again.:clueless    

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9 hours ago, blue_flag said:

Wat Nong Ao

Have not been there for a good while, which is perhaps good. Located  North of Klang, accessed by an alley off 3rd that faces the Big-CX rear way in IIRC. I was there a few times sadly during my first 10 years here, as I attended quite a few funerals.... I was told back then it was the only Wat with bigger facilities to take care of Westerners. 

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29 minutes ago, blue_flag said:


Wow, those safety glasses are so cool, you can't even see them!  Gotta get a pair of those...

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17 hours ago, blue_flag said:

A few from the Dusit Thani end of the beach.  Quite misty this morning but dry.

It isn't the same since they got rid of that little river of raw sewage that one had to skip over down there. 

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2 hours ago, forcebwithu said:

Needed to buy some good quality pens, so planned my bike route this morning to swing by Office Mate on Suk and Tai. Unfortunately I missed the memo the store, along with Baan & Beyond are no more.



Be Quick!! They have moved to a tent in front of Big C Pattaya Tai ... (opposite KeyVisa)

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42 minutes ago, Regyai said:

Google translate (Camera option) Don't leave home without it

A very useful app. I had tried it on the sign, but as you can see in Mr. Blue Flag's post it wasn't much use.

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On 9/1/2023 at 8:34 PM, blue_flag said:



Parked in the car park of Space Hotel, Naklua Road.



Amazing what one sees in Pattaya. We had one of these,
as the family car, when I was a child, without the custom wheels and fender shirts. I just noticed it has right hand drive. Most have been exported directly to Thailand or, perhaps, it belongs to a British ex-pat?

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